Who is the Buddha? – Ba Vang Talks: Episode 4

“Who is the Buddha?” is the question that not only Buddhists but also non-Buddhists have always tried to seek a thorough answer. Do you really know the true stories of the Buddha’s life?

The Buddha is known as the great religious leader of Buddhism. He Himself had discovered the path to attain enlightenment and then instructed sentient beings on how to release themselves from all suffering in this world. So have you ever wondered whether the Buddha is just an imaginary figure or He is a real historical figure?

For 49 years after He attained enlightenment, the Buddha preached many precious sutras, which helped many of His disciples attain fruits of enlightenment at that time. Also, His lay disciples could live a better life by following His teachings. The sutras have been preserved and transmitted from generation to generation until today – more than 2500 years after the World Honored One entered Nirvana. Beside the question who the Buddha is, are you curious about the first sutra that He preached?

All these questions will be answered by Thay Thich Truc Thai Minh, the Abbot of Ba Vang Pagoda in the fourth episode of Ba Vang Talks. So let’s watch the video to broaden your knowledge of Buddhism and explore who the Buddha really is.

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