What is it like to have lunch at Ba Vang Pagoda?

Whoever comes to Ba Vang Pagoda is welcome to travel around and eat at the Pagoda, no matter if you are a Monk, Nun or normal visitor. Like all meals at Ba Vang Pagoda, lunch is served without charge. Eating at the pagoda is totally different from a household meal. There will be no wine or small talks during lunch. Instead, it goes with rituals performed by Monks or Nuns and takes place the very Zen way. Click on the photos below to see how it is like to have lunch at Ba Vang Pagoda.

What is it like to have lunch at Ba Vang Pagoda?

Being free, well-organised and mindful are what people often say when speaking of lunch at Ba Vang Pagoda. Lunch at Ba Vang Pagoda will be revealed in the next photos.

Alms begging

At Ba Vang Pagoda, everyone queues up for food. Taking a tray, we choose food in prepared containers.

Begging for food at Ba Vang Pagoda
Begging for food.

Praying before and after lunch

The Monks will instruct everyone to perform praying rituals before and after eating. After lunch, we chant the Sutra of the Eight Realisations of Great Beings one time. That’s when we show gratitude towards the Three Jewels and almsgivers. In addition, we remind us to earnestly cultivate ourselves and practise the Dharma.

Praying before and after lunch at Ba Vang Pagoda
Praying before and after lunch.

Practising eating in mindfulness

During the meal, everyone tries to keep silent and focus on eating. We can be fully attentive to what we are eating. We also think about the merit of Three Jewels and people who prepare, serve and donate the food.

Practising eating in mindfulness.
Practising eating in mindfulness.

Washing dishes

After lunch, everyone washes dishes in prepared sinks and then dry them with clean towels.

Washing dishes.
Washing dishes.


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