A Pagoda On The Mountain of Many Legends

You are welcome to Ba Vang Pagoda throughout the year. These days offer a small taste of our activities.
Daily activities at Ba Vang Pagoda

* Sitting Meditation
* Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner
* Doing meritorious deeds
* Learning the Dharma
* Visiting the campus of the Pagoda

What to Bring When You Go To Pagoda?

  • A self-service tea table and vegan lunch is provided for everyone.
  • Do not use or take anything from the Pagoda without Monks’ permission. Everything at the Pagoda are donated from other people.
  • Come to the Pagoda with very few belongings as possible. Remember not to put any of your belongings on the worshipping area.
  • When visiting the Pagoda, you will meet a local keeper or even a monk. When greeting them, join your two hands together and put them before your chest then bow your head.


Travelers have 2 ways to travel to Ba Vang Pagoda:

  • By coach: First, go to Giap Bat, My Dinh or Luong Yen Station to catch a coach to Quang Ninh Province. Next, buy a ticket at the box office with schedule Hanoi – Quang Ninh. The ticket is about VND 90,000 – 100,000 (~USD $4). After getting off at Uong Bi City, you can take a taxi to Ba Vang Pagoda. The suggested taxi cost is about VND 50,000 (~USD $2). Alternatively, you can go by “xe om”.
  • By motorbike: The distance from Hanoi centre to Ba Vang Pagoda is about 137km. From Hanoi centre, you can go to Ba Vang Pagoda following this route: Head to Chuong Duong Bridge – Nguyen Van Cu Street – Bac Ninh Province. Then, go on the National Route No 18A until you reach Ba Vang Pagoda.


  • This is a spiritual destination, so visitors should dress politely to show respect and reverence.
  • Sneakers will help you to visit many places of the pagoda more easily.
  • When coming to this destination in festive days, you should not take many personal items or money to prevent theft.
  • When entering the Pagoda, you should only put money in the donation box instead of placing in statues, censers, or the well.