The Buddhist Way to Peace of Mind

Sometimes, one may feel at peace, but this state only lasts until he encounters daily problems that are not easy to resolve. Do you often feel the same? So, what is really the way to true and enduring peace of mind?

Life is never plain sailing but always full of challenges and difficulties. Especially, in the time of the fourth industrial revolution, people have to learn and strive a lot in order to keep up with rapid changes in the world. It is one of the main reasons which causes many people to feel highly stressed and fall into depression now. Some people even choose suicide as a way to release them from sufferings. So are there any ways to overcome all adversities and relieve stress?

In the Dhammapada sutra, the Buddha taught:
“It is good to tame the mind
A well-tamed mind brings happiness.”

The Buddha taught that true happiness must be derived from our own mind. That means happiness does not depend on external factors but on our mind. So what can we do to achieve peace of mind?

Watch this video below by Thay Thich Truc Thai Minh to find out your own answer!

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