Reach out to our beloved Central Vietnam

“The theme of Ba Vang Pagoda’s Chrysanthemum Festival 2020 is reaching out to our beloved Central Vietnam. The region has been experiencing lots of great losses caused by natural disasters and until now, it is still struggling to overcome the consequences. In response to the call of the Communist Party, Vietnam Fatherland Front and all departments, the whole country should join hands to reach out to our beloved Central Vietnam – the intestine of Vietnam.
The artists, who are also the lay Buddhists of our Pagoda, have made up this work and I found it so special. This is the S-shaped model of Vietnam with two hands lifting a heart, implying that everyone is reaching out to the central part of the country. The artists also make a pair of a bamboo frame and a Vietnamese conical hat (nón), symbolising a woman carrying life and family. This image conveys not only the love for the country and people’s heart for Central Vietnam but also the nobility of the woman who has to carry life with worries over building and preserving family happiness.
Therefore, chrysanthemum is a symbol of love and faithfulness.”—Thay Thich Truc Thai Minh

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