Prayer in the COVID-19 pandemic: Praising the Buddha’s wisdom and compassion

The Buddha was the one who enlightened himself and preached the path to enlightenment to sentient beings. His teachings help eliminate suffering and find true happiness. Currently, the COVID-19 pandemic is widespread all over the world, according to Buddhism, this stems from the unwholesome actions of sentient beings. The following verse praises the Buddha’s wisdom and compassion and it is also an invocation to him to save lives. Hopefully, the merit from reciting the verse will be dedicated to the pandemic quickly being resolved, and people will safely overcome this plague.

This is a chant for protection during the pandemic. Chant for 7 days, one session a day, 7 times each session.

Praying to the World-Honored One to save life

(Kneel, chant 7 times)


Lord Buddha

Is the sun shining

Breaking the dark night

Dispelling the wrong view and suffering.

Lord Buddha


His wisdom

Encompassing the great three thousand-fold world system.

Lord Buddha

is the Compassionate Father of all kinds.

Who can save humanity?

That person is none other than Lord Buddha.

Humanity is in the dark — 

Ignorance, wrong view and suffering.

Lord Buddha

Brings the Dharma to the world,

Dispelling the confusion.

On the bright full moon day of the 4th lunar month,

All sentient beings sing joyfully.

All sentient beings pray

Lord Buddha will save life.


After reciting the above 7 times, read the following prayer:

I’m faithful to the Buddha by all my heart, you are the World-Honored One, the compassionate Father of all beings. You are the sun of wisdom. You are the sea of merit and blessings. You taught sentient beings the way out of suffering. We vow to take refuge in you. I would like to bring merit from praising the World-Honored One today to pray for me and …… to overcome this COVID-19 pandemic.

May the World-Honored One kindly protect and support my prayers.

Namo Shakyamuni Buddha.

Monks of Ba Vang Pagoda in the 108-day cultivation session.
Monks of Ba Vang Pagoda in the 108-day cultivation session.


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