Lessons from the Wind

On November 14th, 2020, Thay Thich Truc Thai Minh gave a lecture on the qualities of the wind which belongs to Milindapanha Sutra.

According to the Sutra, there are four characteristics that Buddhists should learn from the wind.

First, the wind has the power to uproot trees; just so, the Buddha’s disciples must use the power of concentration and wisdom to uproot the root of their affliction.

Second, the wind often wanders through the sky; just so, the monks must advance their cultivation and reach all transcendental realms.

Third, the wind carries the scent of wild flowers everywhere; just so, the monks must bring the scent of the precepts and liberation to all human and celestial realms.

Fourth, the wind does not have a home, it does not dwell in one place; just so, the monks must not be attached to any place or anyone, freely going from place to place.

Monks of Ba Vang Pagoda listening to Thay’s teachings.


Nuns of Ba Vang Pagoda listening to Thay’s teachings.


“One who learns and practises Buddhism should have no attachment to anything, they should know that everything is impermanent. Despite doing all good deeds to benefit sentient beings, they should not be attached to those things. Those are qualities that the wise disciples of the Buddha should have.” said Thay.

Lay Buddhists attending the online Dharma talk “Lessons from the wind” at home.


Lay Buddhists noting Thay’s teachings at home.


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