How To Be Loved and Trusted?

“I would like to advise you to cultivate honesty and sincerity. There might be some dishonesty inside us, but we have to determine to defeat it, so we will become more trustworthy and sincere people.
Results of those who are dishonest are very miserable because losing trust is losing everything. Friendship is based on honesty and sincerity. If you lie to your friends, your friendship won’t last. In a family, if the husband lies to the wife or the other way around, the family connection will be broken.
Buddhism is the path of truthfulness. Buddhas taught exactly what they had cultivated and experienced. Buddhas had discovered the law of cause and effect and so they said that the law indeed existed.
Everything in life must be built on the basis of truth. You have to sow the seeds of honesty and sincerity, do not lie or harm people, then you will be loved, trusted and valued by other people. You should live honestly and sincerely. Truth is priceless and is the most powerful strength in this world. Nothing has as much power as the truth.”
Thay Thich Truc Thai Minh

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