How Buddhism benefits young people? – Ba Vang Talks: Episode 3

Let’s watch Episode 3 to find out how Buddhism benefits young people!

There is a fact that the majority of Buddhist followers are old people. Meanwhile, Buddhism provides great knowledge for everybody who wants to achieve peace and happiness in life, regardless of age. So particularly, how Buddhism benefits young people?

It cannot be denied that young people play such a pivotal role in the development of each society. When it comes to young people, it is about dynamism and will to learn. However, it will be such a waste if they use their strengths in wrongdoings. They really need to follow a path of moral and educational values that help them avoid regretful mistakes. The better their personality and morality are, the more they can benefit and devote themselves to society. It is vital that the youth should share righteous belief which guides them through ups and downs in life.

The world has seen so many developments as of this modern time and people are experiencing the age of information and social media. Going along with these modern conveniences are problems that young people tend to encounter. They are prone to depression, addiction to technological devices and difficulty in communicating with each other. This is where Buddhism comes in to help young people overcome many kinds of issues with the core concepts of the law of cause and effect.

In the third episode of Ba Vang Talks – Buddhism & Daily Life, Thay Thich Truc Thai Minh discussed how Buddhism benefits young people. This episode will give many people, especially the young, the reasons why they should take refuge in the Three Jewels.

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    Young people who have opportunities to approach Buddhism will live a better life.

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