General Pham Van Tra visits Ba Vang Pagoda again

On the morning November 15, 2020, General Pham Van Tra came to visit Ba Vang Pagoda for the third time. On his arrival at Ba Vang Pagoda, the former Chief of the General Staff of the People’s Army of Vietnam was warmly welcomed by Thay Thich Truc Thai Minh, the Abbot of Ba Vang Pagoda.

Thay also expressed His happiness to meet General Pham Van Tra again since his last visit at the Pagoda two years ago in July, 2018. 

In this third trip to Ba Vang Pagoda, the hero of the People’s Armed Forces paid homage to the Buddhas as well as the Patriarchs and offered incense at the martyr’s shrine. 

General Pham Van Tra offering incense to the Buddhas and the Patriarchs.


General Pham Van Tra and his delegation offering incense at the martyrs’ shrine of Ba Vang Pagoda.


After that, Thay introduced the meditation forest and a part of the arduous practising life of Monks. Witnessing how Monks of Ba Vang Pagoda live and practise Dharma, General Pham Van Tra wished the Monks to keep practising diligently, so that our world would have more blessings.

Guided by Thay Thich Truc Thai Minh, General Pham Van Tra and his delegation in person visiting the meditation forest of Ba Vang Pagoda’s Monks.


General Pham Van Tra taking a photo at Thay’s cultivation house which is made from unstable materials like bamboo and canvas.


General Pham Van Tra visiting the meditation forest of Ba Vang Pagoda’s Monks.


Thay Thich Truc Thai Minh introducing to General Pham Van Tra to Monks’ cultivation cottage.


The delegation taking a photo at Monks’ monastery of Ba Vang Pagoda.


Being guided by the Abbot, the four-star General also visited other constructions of the Pagoda, such as the dining room, kitchen and water purification system.

General Pham Van Tra and his delegation visiting the kitchen zone of Ba Vang Pagoda. He was so joyful to see the development of the Pagoda.


Thay Thich Truc Thai Minh telling General Pham Van Tra about the natural water source of Ba Vang Pagoda.


At the end of the visit, General Pham Van Tra recognised and showed his great appreciation for the devotion of Thay Thich Truc Thai Minh and Buddhists’ efforts in building Ba Vang Pagoda – a meaningful construction, which contributes not only to Vietnamese cultural and moral values, but also to the tradition of Truc Lam Yen Tu zen sect.

Thay Thich Truc Thai Minh gave the General Dharma books before he left.


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