Doing Bad Deeds for Good Purposes: How does Karma Work?

Have you ever done a seemingly bad thing for the well-being of many others? Should you be in that situation again, would you do so or not?

All of us have to cope with many different problems every day. In some situations, we can solve problems in a good way which does not have bad effects on anyone or anything. But sometimes, especially in urgent or dangerous situations, we have to do bad deeds for good purposes. “One reaps what he sows” is a quote that we often hear when we learn the Buddha’s teachings. This quote mentions the law of cause and effect. This law does exist and regulate everything. However, will there be an exception, in which we should do unwholesome deeds for the sake of other people?

How does karma work if we do bad deeds for good purposes? Does it work according to our liking and desires? There is a very clear answer to all these matters in Buddhism.

Let us watch this video to understand more about this law through the explanation of Thay Thich Truc Thai Minh.

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