Hang Thuan Ceremony of a Hanoian Couple at Ba Vang Pagoda

Vietnamese Buddhists have their own way to celebrated their wedding. This type of ceremony usually takes place at a pagoda and follows Buddhist principles. Hang Thuan ceremony is a beautiful characteristic in lay Buddhists’ life, which brings a lot of practical benefits to new grooms and brides.

On October 7, 2019 (the 9th day of the ninth month in Year of the Pig), groom Nguyen Tien Anh and his bride Ngo Dieu Linh had their Hang Thuan Ceremony held in such a sacred and meaningful atmosphere at Ba Vang Pagoda under the witness of Thay Thich Truc Thai Minh and His Sangha.



The new groom and bride were bestowed precious teachings by Thay Thich Truc Thai Minh about “The sutra about the deep kindness of parents and the difficulty of repaying it” and Sujata Sutra (The sutra on Upasaka Precepts). These teachings are really essential for every spouse to cope with challenges and difficulties ahead, fulfil obligations toward each other as well as their family and live a happy married life.


Especially, filial piety is always emphasised in every Hang Thuan ceremony. Amid that emotional atmosphere, the couple had the opportunity to make prostrations to their parents, which is a way to express their gratitude to the ones giving birth to and nurturing them. Only when holding a Hang Thuan ceremony at a pagoda and thus listening to the Buddha’s teachings can ones completely understand the deep merit of their parents.



Hang Thuan ceremony can be seen as a bridge between Buddhism and the secular life. This is not only an event to mark the special date of a couple but also an occasion on which they are reminded of filial piety and well equipped with knowledge necessary to have a happy marriage.

Family of the Bride and Groom taking a photo with the Master and the Sangha
Family of the Bride and Groom taking a photo with the Master and the Sangha

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  • Vy Trần
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    The couple looks so beautiful. They are really lucky to hold wedding under the witness of Thay and the Sangha.

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