Ba Vang Pagoda’s peaceful sunset over Thanh Dang Mountain

When the last rays of sunlight lingers on the faraway horizon, the sunset starts to emerge. We probably did watch the glorious sunset at the beach, on the mountain, amidst the hustle and bustle of the city life, or in the tranquil countryside. Different from such experiences, the mystical sunset at Ba Vang Pagoda perhaps brings out some dreamy feelings. The sunset here is so unique that anyone who ever has a chance to witness it will forever engrave the pleasant moment in their heart.

The mystical sunset at Ba Vang Pagoda

Regardless of any seasonal changes in the year, the sunset at Ba Vang Pagoda embraces a remarkable sense of serenity. The breathtaking scene of sunset is the precious gift from nature for us.

The sunlight lingering on the pagoda’s rooftop, enhancing its picturesque ambience.


the-glowing- sunset-on-the-thanh-dang- mountains
The glowing sunset on the Thanh Dang mountains.

Let’s all come to Ba Vang Pagoda to enjoy the beautiful sunset!

The moment the sun nestles below the horizon to pave the way for a night sky, Ba Vang Pagoda is enlivened with glowing lights. From a panoramic view, we can absorb the beauty of the Pagoda, indulging in an ethereal world of the mystique and sanctity. The magnificent architecture seems to stand out in the twilight, bringing us to tranquil moments.

The antique architecture of the Pagoda is vibrant under the setting sun and gleaming lights.


The grandeur of Half-moon Lake
The grandeur of Half-moon Lake.


It may be common to feel that we are so tiny in such a spectacular setting. But it is also this environment that gives us the sense of safety and protection from the Pagoda, from our Master Thay Thich Truc Thai Minh whom we all respect.

In the tranquility of the mountainous setting echoes a faraway tone of the bell, awakening our mind. All worries and contemplation seem to vanish into thin air. Once we start slowing down, we can hear the symphony of peacefulness.

The entire surroundings of the Pagoda becomes so serene when the sunlight just disappears.


A late afternoon at Ba Vang Pagoda
A late afternoon at Ba Vang Pagoda.


Photographs can capture moments, but there are certainly snapshots of our experiences that only our mind can record. There are also types of beauty which no words or photos can truly illustrate. And apparently each of us beholds the sunset in different ways, so we will gain hands-on experience. Please visit Ba Vang Pagoda to enjoy your own sunset moments! This is also a great chance to calm our mind and separate ourselves from the fast-paced life.

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