Welcome To Ba Vang Pagoda!

Ba Vang Pagoda is a place dedicated to the study and practice of Buddhism. Our mission is to create the best possible conditions in which to explore and practice the Buddhist path. We study and practice meditation and Buddha Dharma in a spiritual community based on the ideals of compassion, generosity, and awareness.

History of Our Temple

Anyone who goes sightseeing here
How immense Thanh Long, Bach Ho mountains and Bach Dang river are
Here is a place where favorable seed conditions are met
Feeling at peace with the world, which leads to becoming an enlightened one
Ba Vang Pagoda, also known as Bao Quang Pagoda, is situated in Thanh Dang Mountain, at the height of 340 m above sea level in Quang Trung ward, Uong Bi city, Quang Ninh province, Vietnam.

News & Updates

The images of Monks participating in the blood donation activities.
Ba Vang Pagoda’s Buddhist monks participating in blood donation activities during COVID-19

Under the guidance of Thay Thich Truc Thai Minh, the monks of Ba Vang Pagoda took part in blood donation activities so as to help reduce blood supply shortage during the COVID-19 pandemic. This action…

Prince Siddhartha and the Four Sights
Four sights motivated Prince Siddhartha to be an ascetic – Life of Budda: Part 2

Prince Siddhartha lived a luxurious life and was the heir to the throne. But what made him give up everything to be an ascetic? The following article will provide you with detailed information. Despite being…