5 Tips To Become A Good Husband

In modern society, the number of spouses who separate or divorce tends to significantly increase. Especially, young couples are more likely to break up at the early stage of marriage. It seems that at this time of materialism, people highly appreciate their ego and it is harder for us to comprehend and sympathise with each other. That’s the reason why our relationships don’t last long. Besides, the role of the husband is so important in married life. Men are stronger and more reasonable than women, who are weaker and more emotional.

A good husband will make his wife happy, thus ensuring a happy marriage. But some men said that sometimes they cannot understand what women really want and they fail to satisfy their wife.

Luckily, the Buddha taught men on how to become a good husband in the Sigàlovàda Sutra. In this video, Thay Thich Truc Thai Minh gave five lessons for any husbands who want to maintain happiness in his family.



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